Florida Public Adjusters Forum

The Florida Public Insurance Adjusters Forum was founded by Mr. William S. Cook (Bill Cook).  Mr. Cook, a past Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) president, saw clearly that the claims environment affecting consumers in Florida was changing at an almost frantic pace. He understood that in order for Florida public adjusters to do their best to protect their clients, a dialog between Florida public insurance adjusters was needed for keeping up with these changes.

Hence, the Florida Public Adjusters Forum was born.  The forum is based on a Yahoo Group format where each of the 200+ members receives daily email updates from other group members.  The information exchanged covers thousands of issues including:

....and thousands of other topics that Florida Public Insurance Adjusters NEED to know about! Since Mr. Cook built this forum, the membership has stayed informed about the issues affecting our industry and our clients, shared information, and built strong relationships with peers. This is a unique community built for and by Florida public insurance adjusters.
Want to join the Florida Public Insurance Adjusters Forum? This is a private forum requiring that members are either Licensed Florida Public Insurance Adjusters or attorneys that have proven that their practices solely consist of working on the behalf of Florida Consumers.  On rare occasions, licensed out-of-state Public insurance adjusters are permitted.

The Florida Public Insurance Adjuster Forum restricts its membership for good reason: The forum can’t be everything to everybody. The forum focuses on issues affecting the public insurance industry in Florida. This focus, while narrow, covers a broad range of complex topics. If we opened up membership to insurance company adjusters, insurance agents, out-of-state public adjusters, and general practice attorneys, the forum would stray from its original purpose of keeping Florida’s public insurance adjusters informed about sweeping insurance claims changes affecting Florida consumers.

Forum Membership Eligibility Requirements:


If you fit into the above criteria and would like to join the Florida Public Adjusters Forum, please fill out the application form on the "Apply for Membership" tab above or just click HERE.