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Claim Doc Labeler

Claim Document Labeler

ClaimDoc Labelerâ„¢ is a FREE and simple application that allows the user to insert the claim number, policy number or anything else that they would like onto PDF files. The application will paste the text onto all pages located in a PDF file at one time. All the user has to do is simply type in the information they would like to go in the label and press "Go".

If you like, you can also choose the position on the document where the label will be placed. Available options are top-left, to-right, bottom-left and bottom-right. n addition, you can also choose the font size and style.

This is useful for Public Adjusters and policyholders due to insurance carriers requesting that all pages of any documents that are sent into them have the policy number and claim number written on each page. This is necessary so that their Document Management Systems (DMS) can properly process and route the documents to the appropriate representative.

With the use of ClaimDoc Labeler your claims are sure to be processed as quickly as possible!

Stephen Hadhazi - Software Developer & Public Insurance Adjuster