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One-Button Desktop Cleaner

Too many icons on your computer screen desktop is no different than having piles of papers on your real desk. It makes finding anything time consuming and ultimately leads to lost productivity. By moving all those files into one folder makes it very easy to sort by name or file type and then further group them or erase unwanted files - and you just FEEL cleaner!

Claims adjusters are some of the busiest and most computer active people around. I know because I am a Public Insurance Adjuster as well. I am very busy and constantly saving things to my desktop and so I developed this software out of a need to use it myself!

The software does exactly what its name implies - It instantly cleans up all the icons from your desktop and places them all into one single folder back on your desktop - That's it!

The folder that is created is always named "Desktop Cleanup" and then that name is appended by the date and time that the clean up was performed. Go ahead and give it a try! Just open the application and press go!

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Stephen Hadhazi - Software Developer & Public Insurance Adjuster