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iScope™ loss estimating software

iScope™ was created out of a need for damage estimating software that is fast, detailed and at a cost that people can afford.  Currently, the iScope™ software is free.   The only cost is if you decide to keep the exhaustive integrated pricing database from the Company®.  However, the full version of iScope™ along with the pricing database from the Company® can be used for 30 days free of charge.  Once the evaluation period is over you will need to purchase a license for the pricing database from the Company® for $40 and that will include periodic pricing updates to the cost database.

What makes iScope™ different?  iScope™ is fast, pure and simple.  It was created by Public Insurance Adjuster & software developer Stephen Hadhazi out of frustration with the current methods of estimating damages to homes and businesses.  iScope™ allows the users to create and dimension rooms lightning fast.  The use of macro “groups” along with “sub-macros” is unprecedented.  The filtering capabilities when attempting to locate specific items from over 11,000 construction items is unparalleled. 

Finally, iScope™, is the only construction estimating software that allows the user to plug in their own items and pricing in a convenient and efficient manner.  iScope™ also allows users to utilize the custom line items that they create in the super powerful proprietary iScope™ Macro System.

We offer a series of free High Definition videos that will guide you through every aspect of the use of iScope™.  Due to the videos being in a High Definition format we do not offer them to be streamed online. The entire series of free HD videos is available for viewing directly from the “Help Menu” on the front page of the iScope™ loss estimating system. 

Please download iScope today, watch the videos and see what you have been missing!