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One-Button Screenshot ©

There are many different ″Screen Shot″ utilities out there offering all kinds of different options as what part of the screen to capture, where to save the screenshot, etc. While these applications definitely have their place, what most claims adjusters need is just a quick and simple screenshot of some kind of computer error that they are running into. They then want to be able to quickly email it to the tech support group for that software application for assistance with the error they are having.

I have written a very simple application that does only that - a quick and simple screenshot. While you do have a few options to choose from if you desire to use them, the options are not mandatory. Moreover, once you choose an option such as a target folder or type of picture file it is automatically saved in your preferences so that you do not have to fill out those same preferences again.

This application is described in more detail below:

a. It defaults all your saved screenshots directly to your Desktop so that if you are emailing the picture to someone then it is very easy to find and then delete later. If you like you can change this default folder and your preferences will then be saved for future use.

b. The application offers you many different picture formats for which the screenshot can be saved including the default JPG format, PNG and BMP

c. The application allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut for taking current and then future screenshots. This means that once you assign a key board shortcut and the application is running in the background then any time you press that shortcut then a screenshot will be saved to your default file location automatically. This really takes the pain out of screenshots!

d. If you do not want to assign a keyboard shortcut or you cannot remember what the shortcut was then you can merely right click on the program icon in the taskbar and click "Take Screenshot" and the picture will automatically be saved to your default file location.

Those are all the functions of One-Button Screenshot© as we wanted to go out of our way to make screenshots quick and easy!

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Stephen Hadhazi - Software Developer & Public Insurance Adjuster